Monday, September 10, 2012

architecture traditional Indonesia - Bali

Bali has its own unique architectural designs which are distinctive. We can tell from the traditional architecture of the main gate for each entrance, whether it is the entry of a house, a place of interest, government building or others. The Balinese has their basic concept for architecture. For instance, the north and east corners are considered holy and sacred, all temples must face this side. On the contrary, the west and south are the lowest corners for architecture, so mostly houses face these sides.  If you pay attention to small details you will notice that the entry door of a house has a wall which is called “Aling-Aling”. Its function is to give privacy to the owner and also to repell the bad energies lingerin about the house.
Traditional Institutes
Traditional institutions for the Balinese consist of Village, Banjar, Subak and Sekaha.

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