Saturday, April 25, 2015

Structure System of Empire State Building

Empire State Building is a 102-story skyscraper located in Midtown Manhattan, New York City, at the intersection of Fifth Avenue and West 34th Street. This building has a 381-meter high peaks. If you combine the antennae tower, building height is reached 443.2 m. Its name is taken from the nickname of New York, the Empire State. The Empire State Building was the tallest building in the world for 40 years, since the 1931 completed until the completion of the North Tower of the World Trade Center in 1972. The post-September 11 attacks in 2001, the Empire State Building again became the tallest building in New York (not in United States or the world).
Legend has it that General Motors executive John J. Raskob conceived of the project when he decided to best his arch-rival, Walter Chrysler, who had begun construction on the 1046-foot Chrysler Building. The Chrysler Building was already in competition with the Bank of Manhattan Building at 40 Wall Street to be the tallest building in the world.

Single core system
The system structure of a tall building with a single core (single core) and within short columns (mullion) which bear the floor with the core of the building. The core of the building except bears the vertical load is also burdened with a horizontal force due to the earthquake and wind.

Structure system of Empire State Building

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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

The Green School (Bali)

Green School
Initiators / architect: John Hardy
Green School open at least 1 September 2008, and was inaugurated in May 2009.
Location: Banjar Saren, Sibang Kaja village, Abiansemal, Badung, Bali

-Creating Educational concept combined with the concept of environment that will create a healthy environment. with material makeshift structure.
-John Hardy explains that the basic idea of ​​the school building on an area of ​​8 hectares it is to apply ajaranTrihita Karana. Therefore, no artificial ingredients or chemical plant that is used in this school.

Green School is a concept of education coupled with the concept of environment that will create a healthy environment. Green concept in a school is no longer a trend, but a method that provides a healthy lifestyle, good atmosphere, and productive study the environment while saving energy, natural resources, and of course money. Sustainability is the content that has meaning is "sustainability". That is, as much as possible what we do and production in the face of this earth, can be a good continuity for future generations handed down to us in the future.

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